Lightness of walking is an important condition of women attractiveness. That`s why care of legs should be regular. But if vascular “stars” appear on legs or varicose veins become visible then problem not only in esthetics but also in danger for health in a whole. At this, legs become dropsical and painful; the convulsions in gastrocnemius muscles could disturb you at night and if no required measures will be taken timely then disease will progress.

Thrombocid* jelly could help in such situations. Thrombocid is used both at early stages of blood circulation disorder in lower extremities (at occurrence of vascular «stars» on skin of femora and lower legs, at development of swellings and sense of heaviness in legs) and at florid varicose. Thrombocid will help to remove swelling, pain, inflammation, improve blood circulation and prevent advance. Also, thanking to Thrombocid it is possible to dispose faster of sores, inflammation and pain during sport and domestic traumas, as well as of blood lakes after injections.

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Thrombocid – first aid at blood lakes and varicose

Thrombocid jelly: produced by Bene (Germany), certificate of registration №UA/9234/01/01

*Advertisement of pharmaceutical drug. Read the instruction and consult your physician before use. Keep out of reach of children.

Self-treatment could be harmful for your health