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Pharmacovigilance and and quality assurance system

Alpen Pharma AG priority is to take care of the health of patients. Therefore, gathering of information related to the efficacy and safety of medicinal products distributed by the Company is one of the core parts of our work. For this purpose, we’ve created pharmacovigilance and quality assurance system in the Alpen Pharma  AG Representative Office in Ukraine.

For the most effective work on your requests, including the possibility of communication between our employees and you, providing feedback and taking emergency measures on the product, please provide the minimum necessary contact information: name and preferable channel of communication (phone, email address).

Please note that any personal data is treated as confidential information and is subject to disclosure only in accordance with applicable national legislation.


If you have any information about any side effects and/or inefficiency of Alpen Pharma medications, please, inform of the facts by e-mail.  Should your information come to us, our manager will contact you immediately.




If you have any information about product quality, please, inform of the facts by e-mail