Each one bumps up against disorders in action of the bowels in his/her life. Most widespread of them are retention of feces and diarrhea. Even though everyone familiar with these digestion disorders not so many people know how to eliminate them correctly. Reliable helpers in resolving of these problems could become pharmaceutical drugs specially designed for this purpose.

The Mucofalk®* is a unique phytopharmaceutical product on the basis of plantago ovata seed shells (psyllium). Thanks to plantago ovata seed shells Mucofalk® is a rich source of dietary fibers which positive role in treatment and prevention of the range of diseases is scientifically proven and generally acknowledged. It is proven that dietary fibers are necessary for normalization of functioning of organs of the digestive system and body in whole and should be included into nutrient budget of each healthful person (normally 25–30 g/day.). Dietary fibers of the Mucofalk® medicine stimulate growth of useful bacterial population of intestinal tract (prebiotic effect), adsorb toxins and carcinogens, improve carbohydrate and adipose metabolism, have an encapsulated, cytoprotective (protective) and anti-inflammatory effect on mucosal coat of intestinal tract.

At retention of feces it imbibes water, swells up, increases the volume of intestinal tract content, malaxates fecal matters, stimulates peristaltic motions of intestinal tract causing to help in evacuation.

At diarrhea Mucofalk® provides fixing effect at the account of bonding of excesses of water and toxins.

Thus, Mucofalk® provides both detersive and anti-diarrheal actions which in association with encapsulated, protective, anti-inflammatory, prebiotic, and hypolipidemic actions regulate the functioning of intestinal tract.

Mucofalk®–  natural governor of intestinal tract`s functions

Mucofalk granules: produced by «Dr. Falk Pharma GmbH» (Germany), certificate of registration №UA/6104/01/01.

*Advertisement of pharmaceutical drug. Read the instruction and consult your physician before use. Keep out of reach of children.

Self-treatment could be harmful for your health