Merz Special Dragee

Each woman is particular!

Merz Special Dragee which is a basic grounding for women`s health and beauty support will help you to feel and implement own particularity.

Merz Special Dragee* is a vitamin and mineral complex created with consideration of daily need of woman body in vitamins and iron with addition of special components for providing support of skin, hair and nails health.

Merz Special Dragee will help you to be a particular!

Particularly beautiful thanks to shining going from the inside.

Particularly successful thanks to promotion of health.

Particularly happy thanks to feeling of assurance and harmony.

Merz Special Dragee is a well-known vitamin complex in Europe and more than 10 years by now in Ukraine. Only 2 dragees per day during 1 month are able to help to «bestir oneself», shine from the inside and give a new look! Medicine is developed by German company Merz which is an expert in clinical dermatology and skin science and which exactly knows that without basic, fundamental support going from the inside the outer beauty preparations are rarely efficient.

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Merz Special Dragee – strong internal grounding for support of woman`s health and beauty

Food supplement advertisement. Merz Special Dragees. Food supplement.
It is not a medicine. Consult a doctor and read the instructions before use. Keep out of the reach of children. Test report for food products №3/8-А-2727-18-66238Е dd. 03.07.2018.
Manufacturer: Merz Consumer Care GmbH (Germany).
Supplier: Alpen Pharma AG (Switzerland).  
Exclusive distributor: Naturpharm, PJSC, 30-A Lisna str., Kyiv, Ukraine, 04075; phone: (044) 401-81-03

Self-treatment could be harmful for your health