Meaning of sleep for strong health and successful activity is hard to underestimate. As a matter of fact robust healthy sleep is a period of restoration by the body of energy and life forces. However modern rhythm of life, numerous stresses and endless worries increasingly become serious reasons for various disorders of this physiological process important for body. The plant medicine Dormiplant could help to cope with this problem and return appropriate sleep and rest.

Dormiplant* is a German combined herbal medicinal product on the basis of standardized extracts from valerian root and balm lemon leaves. Thanks to optimum combination the Dormiplant helps to eliminate different sleep disturbances in natural way, including those concerned with anxiety state and nervous tension, as provide calming effect, assists in bettering of dropping-off to sleep process, and efficiency of sleep and rest.

Dormiplant – healthy sleep – successful day!

Dormiplant tablets №25: produced by «Schwabe Pharmaceuticals» (Germany), certificate of registration of MOH of Ukraine UA/7837/01/01 as of 06.09.2013.

*Advertisement of pharmaceutical drug. Read the instruction and consult your physician before use. Keep out of reach of children.

Self-treatment could be harmful for your health