Advantages of Endofalk:

  • Solution of Endofalk does not contain sodium sulfate responsible for unpleasant, bitter flavor of the first generation medicines on the basis of PEG 4000; macrohol 3350
  • Endofalk is slightly absorbed and metabolized during transition through the gastro-intestinal tract,
  • Endofalk has no potential of toxicity and noci-influence on mucosal coat of intestinal canal as lower molecular mass of macrohol (3350 in comparison with 4000 for another nedicines with content of macrohol) assists in softer/sparing effect of Endofalk;
  • Quality of preparation by Endofalk is confirmed in numerous clinical researches.


Endofalk – efficient and safe evacuation of bowels before examination

Endofalk powder solution preparation for oral use by 55.318 g in packets №6: produced by «Dr. Falk Pharma GmbH» (Germany), certificate of registration №UA/4197/01/01 as of 14.02.2011.

*Information for medical and pharmaceutical specialists for using in professional activities. Read the instruction before use. Keep out of reach of children.