PROSPAN - 15 years in Ukraine - 15 years of care for you


          On October 6, 2017, a ceremonial event dedicated to the celebration of the 15th anniversary of Prospan and Trachisan in Ukraine was held in the Central House of Armed Forces officers of Ukraine in Kyiv.

          Thank you for the unlimited trust and use of your favorite medicines in your daily practice - Prospan, Trachisan, Isla Mint, Isla Moos and Tirozur. Numerous friends and associates of Engelhard and Alpen Pharma - leading scientists, doctors, and pharmacists - were invited to the celebration.

          The program was prepared with great care and love and became an unforgettable event for each guest. Meeting with interesting people, communicating with colleagues from Germany, Georgia and Ukraine, awarding nominees with valuable gifts, endless and pleasant surprises, sincere congratulations from colleagues from the most distant places of the globe through the teleconference, emotional photo sessions with mimes - this is only part of the kaleidoscope of the events that took place on this extremely festive day.

          But the most vivid emotions were caused by the enchanting performance of the exclusive guest of the event - Olga Polyakova. Her unbridled and crazy energetics captured everyone. The audience sang and danced. Joy was shining in the eyes of each one.

          Such holidays are uniting. They fill with energy, give inspiration and strength. Without a doubt, such an excitement will be enough till the next grand, solemn event from the companies Engelhard and Alpen Pharma!


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