“Law Alliance” lawyers have told to doctors about the legality of drugs turnover in Ukraine


On May 25, 2017 in Kiev the experts in the pharmaceutical regulatory practice of the legal advice practice "Legal Alliance" – the partner Dmitry Aleshko and lawyer Natalia Spivak – were held a seminar for health professionals. They made a presentation on the topic "10 facts about legality of the turnover of medicines in Ukraine every doctor has to know".


The main issues raised at the seminar were:

∙ the basic requirements for medical products authorized for turnover in Ukraine;

∙ the problem of entering prohibited drugs on the market of Ukraine;

∙ the legal liability of HCPs.


In their report, lawyers detailed the main provisions on the legality of the turnover of medicines, with which doctors should be acquainted. Speaking to the audience, Natalya Spivak stressed that the problem of entering prohibited drugs on the Ukrainian market consists in the appearance of counterfeit medicines, which can be either intentionally marked with the information not responding to the registered drug with the proper name, or intentionally falsified. Also the smuggling of narcotic drugs, psychotropic substances, their analogues or precursors or falsified medicines entails a criminal liability in the form of appropriate sanctions.


During the presentation, Dmitry Aleshko answered frequently asked questions according to the doctor's right to recommend medicines under specific trade names, the administrative responsibility of HCPs, writing prescriptions, the importation of unregistered medicines, as well as criminal liability for non-fulfillment or improper performance of their professional duties by medical professionals.