International Conference “Day of Inflammatory Bowel Diseases Ukraine 2019”



In Kyiv on May 16-17th, 2019, on the eve of the International IBD Day, with the support of Alpen Pharma AG, an international conference “IBD Day Ukraine – 2019” was held.

Both days of the conference were intense. It included practical workshops and a theoretical section filled with reports from leading Ukrainian and foreign experts. Inflammatory bowel diseases were considered as a multidisciplinary problem, and to resolve it various specialists should be connected, such as gastroenterologists, proctologists (surgeons), specialists in endoscopy, morphologists.

It was also noted that patients with IBD often came to family physicians. That is why the importance of obtaining information on modern approaches to the diagnosis of IBD by family physicians and therapists was emphasized in the report of the NAPDE Department of Family Medicine staff.

The report of the Professor Golubovskaya OA, the head of the Infectious Diseases Department NMU named after Bogomolets, had the features of the differential diagnosis of IBD with infectious diseases. Also the important aspects relating to vaccination of patients with IBD were considered.