On April 18th, 2019, Association of Pediatricians of Ukraine, National Medical University named after OO Bogomolets, Department of Health, with the support of the Alpen Pharma AG, held a conference with the international participation on the topic “INTERDISCIPLINARY APPROACHES TO DIAGNOSTICS AND TREATMENT OF CHILDREN’S DISEASES” on the basis of the Children’s Clinical Hospital No. 7 in Kiev.


During the conference various questions were raised about maintaining the quality of the children’s treatment. Also were discussed the problems that parents are usually addressing to the physician in the period from April to August, basically during the period of preparing the child for going to the children’s community. The report, which got the most of the audience attention showed the timely adaptation of the child to modern living conditions “Digital technologies – Should we be happy or upset?”


The speaker explained that prolonged immersion in the digital world causes a particular fatigue in children: after a few hours of being on the web, the child starts to make mistakes, before leaving the web – the child feels tired, irritated. This is a new form of stress, which is called the TECHNOGENOUS DRAIN OF THE BRAIN.


The conference discussed the use of Kindinorm H to stimulate the memory, concentration and attention in children, as well as to correct behavioral and sleep disorders that have arisen as a result of the excessive use of gadgets.

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