Innovations and traditions enrich and lead forward the Alpen Pharma AG team!


Alpen-Pharma AG traditional annual top-management work-shop took place at the end of this January.


This time, it was hosted by Georgia – country and people well known for their hospitality and sincerity. All four days, dedicated to team-building, were filled with events and thoughtful leisure time. During conferences and training work-shops company employees got a fill and learn various innovation programs, aimed to rationalize and enhance working process and were as well educated on how to work and plan, using new programs and by the end, shared their successful experiences on applying unique marketing ideas. 


As well deserved gift, after such intensive and prodactive work, came a trip to a place called “Heart of Cahetia” – Georgian country-side. During that time, participants were able to dive into a breathtaking rural atmosphere of Alazane Valley, cherishing them both, intellectually and spiritually. They visited an old famous monastery Bodbe, a place, well known in Georgia and abroad, due to the life of Saint Nino, who spent last years of her life in this historic place. Some casual time was also spent exploring the beauty of warm and cozy old country-town named Signahie.


No doubt, that such a vivid and positive emotions, experienced by our dear colleagues, will bring a sense of unity and will lead our company to achieve new heights, making it even more successful and prosperous!