The competition of children's drawing "Sambucol against cold"



On May 27, 2017 in Kharkov, was started one of the final stages of the contest of children's drawings "Sambucol against colds", which was held under the auspices of the "Alpen Pharma AG" company.

The competition started on 01.12.2016 and lasted until 01.05.2017. Anyone who was interested in it could have took part in the competition. The main and only condition for participation in the contest was to provide a picture with image of Sambucol in the fight against the cold by eyes of the child.

During the contest, a huge number of drawings were received, each of which is special and unique, just like the world of children's imagination.

The final selection of winners was held at a children's festival in each participated city, where everyone present had the opportunity to vote for the work that he likes most.



In Kharkov, all participants of the festival were received from the organizers a ticket "Unlimited day" to the entertainment center Fly Park as a gift.

Simka and Raphael, who were able to allocate time among their busy schedule of filming in cartoons, helped to organize the holiday for the children.



At the final voting, 53 works were exhibited, each of which is already the winner.



However, according to the results of the vote, the following winners were determined and received the major gifts.



The atmosphere at the party was very warm and cheerful.



The "Alpen Pharma AG" company is grateful to all participants for their active participation.

Wait for new contests from the "Alpen Pharma AG" company!