Cinnabsin and Klimaktoplan are the ukrainians choice!


The results of the all-Ukrainian national vote of the Ukrainian People’s Prize 2020 project have been summed up. Consumers cast their votes for the best goods and services presented on the Ukrainian market.

This competition is an indicator of consumer confidence in brand, which encourages manufacturers to improve and constantly develop.

According to the results of the popular vote, the award was given to 2 drugs presented on the Ukrainian market by Alpen Pharma AG.


On the opinion of Ukrainians in 2020 in the nomination of “Drug for the common cold” the best drug was chosen Cinnabsin R. Cinnabsin has been used for over half of a century to treat acute and chronic inflammation of the paranasal sinuses (sinusitis). Its composition is selected in such a way as to help the nose to cope with the disease.


The best in the nomination of «Drug for the treatment of hormonal disorders in women» was named Klimaktoplan R. Klimaktoplan is a German natural non-hormonal product, which contains 4 components that complement and reinforce each other’s action.


Alpen Pharma AG is happy to know that our products have received such a high rating from the Ukrainians. This inspires us to present to the Ukrainian market more natural and high-quality drugs that will help maintain health.


We are here for you!

Alpen Pharma AG. In the name of health!



* Advertising of a medicinal product. Before use, please read the instructions and consult your doctor.