On 6th and 10th of April, 2019 in the cities of Kiev and Kharkiv, presentations of new products of Alpen Pharma AG – Alpicol and Active Flora Baby were held.

These events were attended by experts in the field of neonatology, pediatrics, gastroenterology.


Speakers, the leading specialists of the Pediatric and Gastroenterological Associations of Ukraine, raised very important questions about the formation of the correct intestinal microflora in infants. Also they were talked about the correct approach in maintaining of the intestinal microflora balance in children and the effect of the high-quality immunomodulators on the child’s immune system with the detailed description and visualization of this process.


After all we received a lot of pleasant reviews about this event. Medical representatives got very positive feedback from their doctors and plunge more deeply into the interesting world of microbiota and immune system with our wonderful speakers!