It is known that psoriasis is able to impair the quality of patients’ life in the same degree as other severe chronic diseases. Depending on the severity and location of psoriatic lesions, patients with psoriasis may experience significant physical and/or psychological discomfort, as well as difficulties with social and professional adaptation.

Psychological stress in combination with pain and itching in psoriasis can lead to severe depression, anxiety and even social phobia (sociophobia).

Psoriaten* is German natural non-hormonal drug that is designed specifically to relieve physical suffering in patients with psoriasis. Major Psoriaten ingredient is bark extract of Mahonia aquifolium, which gives an opportunity to use the drug to treat dry scaly skin diseases such as psoriasis. Psoriaten reduces redness, soothes and heals inflamed area, well tolerated and, unlike hormonal drugs, may be used for a long period of time. Psoriaten is approved for use in adults and children from 1. Psoriaten ointments improve the quality of life and reduce the risk of recurrence of psoriasis.

Psoriaten – a tool of non-hormonal treatment of psoriasis!

Psoriaten ointment: produced by DHU Arzneimittel GmbH & Co. KG (German), Marketing Authorization No. UA/3775/01/01 dd. 22.11.2010.

*Drug advertising. Read instructions carefully and consult a doctor before use. Keep out of the reach of children.

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