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Implacable statistics worldwide notes increased incidence of parkinsonism which is a disease of cerebrospinal axis, involving chronic progressive destroying and death of special cells of the cerebrospinal axis called dopamine neurons. According to some reports approximately 70 thousand people suffer from Parkinson`s disease in Ukraine (disease develops in each hundredth human, reaching 70 years old and in each fiftieth over 80 years old). In connection with this the subject of medicine choice for treatment of this disease is very challenging.

German company "Merz" offered basic drug PK-Merz® with proven efficiency at treatment of very different forms of primary (Parkinson`s disease) and secondary parkinsonism.

PK-Merz®* is well-reputed medicine of amantadine sulphate for treatment of Parkinson`s disease and parkinsonism symptoms, it is produced in tableted and infusion form. Thanking to a fact that amantadine sulphate in contrast to chloride acts more softly, able to support therapeutic concentration in plasma some longer, better tolerated by patients, so PK-Merz® is indicated at treatment of Parkinson`s disease at all stages of its progress (by Hoehn&Yahr). At the early stage of Parkinson`s disease an amantadine sulphate prescribed both as monotherapy and as part of comprehensive treatment allows postponing a moment of levodopa administration which is a drug of substitutive therapy. At the late stage and prescription in combination with drugs of levadopa PK-Merz allows to correct dyskinesia (various disorders of movement) and motor fluctuations.

PK-Merz® in parenteral form is the only medicine able to compensate acute akinesia. PK-Merz belongs to group of blockers of brain NMDA-receptors as glutamate antagonist. This effect allows ensure efficient metabolic protection of brain at such states as acute disorder of brain blood circulation and cranium-brain-trauma.

Also ability of PK-Merz to stimulate a production of dopamine has clinically importance, which allows implement medicine not only for patients with Parkinson`s disease at which dopamine production decreasing is observed but also for patients with acute disorder of brain blood circulation and patients with cranium-brain-trauma in acute period and during period of rehabilitation at so-called dopaminergic insufficiency (result of «neutrally mediated windstorm» at damage of brain) and «apallic syndrome».

PK-Merz – the only glutamate antagonist in infusion and tableted form!

PK-Merz tablets, covered by film, by 100 mg №30 (10х3), № 90 (10х9) in blisters: produced by Merz Pharma GmbH & Co KGaA (Germany), certificate of registration №UA/9031/01/01 as of 13.02.2014.

PK-Merz infusions solution, 0.4 mg/ml by 500 ml in medicine bottles №2: produced by Merz Pharma GmbH & Co KGaA (Germany), certificate of registration №UA/9031/02/01 as of 03.02.2012.

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