Perozon “Valeriana” liquid sedative bath concentrate

Alternative to expensive spa treatments in beauty salons and health centers is found! Company Spitzner offers a series of effective bath concentrates based on natural (!) components that are able to provide excellent well-being and wonderful mood even at home.

Liquid bath concentrate Perozon “Valeriana”* has a calming effect due to high content of essential oil of valerian. Almost everyone knows about sedative (calming) effect of valerian. Since stress is the cause of most health problems, the help of a special bath concentrate on the basis of this plant will be very useful. The main advantage and difference of the liquid bath concentrate Perozon “Valeriana” of other calming drugs – absence of scary list of side effects. Liquid bath concentrate Perozon “Valeriana” can help with stress, nervous stress, syndrome of “manager”, increased excitability, anxiety and problems with falling asleep. Liquid bath concentrate Perozon “Valeriana” – a natural source of tranquility and healthy sleep.

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Liquid bath concentrates from the company Spitzner – natural source of good health, excellent well-being and wonderful mood!

Perozon Valeriana – liquid bath concentrate: company Spitzner Arzneimittelfabric (Germany), hyg. conclusion No. 05.03.02 – 03/6248 dated 01.02.2012.

*Advertising: is not a medicinal product. Read the instructions and consult a physician before use. Keep out of the reach of children.

Self-treatment may be harmful to Your health