Well-groomed and healthy hair – the key to good mood and success, so the beauty of hair is very important for women. But if a chic braid is becoming more like a “mouse tail”, then we are talking about diffuse alopecia (even loss of hair throughout the head). In this case, it is necessary to safe beauty without delay, but at the same time prudently and responsibly. German doctors dermatologists and leading cosmetologists created drug Pantogar to treat diffuse hair loss.

Pantogar* – a drug for the treatment of diffuse hair loss, the effectiveness of which has been proven by numerous studies and practice in Switzerland, Germany, Russia and other countries of the world. Pantogar force – in its structure, which has an effect on the hair follicle from the inside – that is, on the most problematic place of hair. Healthy hair can only grow from healthy roots, where actively functioning cells form their basis. These cells are supplied with nutrients coming from the bloodstream. Thus, it is necessary to work inside for the growth and the quality of hair. Only such an approach makes it possible to prevent diffuse hair loss, and if necessary, be treated effectively. Pantogar components are selected in accordance with the needs of the power of the hair follicle. Penetrating through the blood deep into the hair follicle cells Pantogar ingredients provide them with the necessary nutrients for general and special actions, enhance, and restore hair growth, while providing a stable therapeutic effect.

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Pantogar remedy for hair loss!

Pantogar capsules: manufacturer Merz Pharma GmbH & Co KGaA (Germany), r. с. No. 10445/01/01

*Advertising: of a medicinal product. Read the instructions and consult a physician before use. Keep out of the reach of children.

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