Despondency, apprehension, apathy, undue fatigability, reduced working capacity, fatigue, loss of interest for favorite amusements – for these seemingly usual claims due attention not always paid timely unfortunately. And in the meantime they could have serious and severe consequences either for psychoemotional and physical state and that`s why they required to be eliminated by taking correct and optimal measures. Botanical Medicine Neuroplant will help to win through such symptoms.

Neuroplant* is a German herbal medicinal product on the basis of dry standardized extract of hyperici herba WS®5570 enriched in hyperforin. Neuroplant assists in improvement of mood, removal of suppression and fatigue feelings, helps to restore inside energy, working ability and pull through depression.

Neuroplant – life without depression!

Neuroplant tablets №20: produced by «Schwabe Pharmaceuticals» (Germany), certificate of registration of MOH of Ukraine UA/0414/01/01 as of 13.02.2014.

*Advertisement of pharmaceutical drug. Read the instruction and consult your physician before use. Keep out of reach of children.

Self-treatment could be harmful for your health