The long-standing misconception that pain during menstruation is the norm still exists among women. In fact, it is not. There should not be pain. If it occurs, consult a physician to identify and eliminate the causes. There are natural products that can help in normalizing hormonal balance and removing various menstrual disorders, pain and PMS symptoms. For example, the German natural non-hormonal drug Dismenorm®*.

Dismenorm® is specifically designed for the treatment of menstrual disorders and mastitis. It regulates the rhythm, intensity and duration of menstrual bleeding, liquidates breast tenderness, mastopathy, as well as reduces the symptoms of premenstrual syndrome.

Dismenorm® contains 4 components: Agnus castus (Chaste Tree) – the main ingredient of Dismenorm, which is useful in case of symptoms of premenstrual syndrome, rare, scanty menstruation, infertility caused by hormonal deficiency of the second phase of the menstrual cycle; Pulsatilla (cross meadow) relieves PMS symptoms: headache, irritability, tearfulness, breast tenderness and pain in the lower abdomen, swelling of the face, legs, fingers; Rosmarinus officinalis (dwarf rosemary) eliminates dizziness, headache, pain in the lower abdomen, promotes the onset of menstruation, and because it has antispasmodic and choleretic effects, it also improves metabolism and liver function; Apis mellifica (honey bee) restores menstrual irregularities, helps with prolonged bleeding and helps to normalize the cycle during inflammation, removes rashes on the skin of the face .

Dismenorm® is recommended for adults and girls from 12 years. It is well tolerated in case of prolonged administration, restores hormonal balance both during disorders with the menstrual cycle (NMC) and premenstrual syndrome (PMS). Women in Europe trust Dismenorm® drug for more than 50 years.

Dismenorm – nonhormonal protector of female harmony

Dismenorm tablets: manufacturer DHU Arzneimittel GmbH & Co. KG (Germany), r. с. No. UA/8146/01/01.

*Advertising of a medicinal product. Read the instructions and consult a physician before use. Keep out of the reach of children.

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