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Sambukol® Immuno Forte

Cold is  multigrade concept. Of course, everyone wants to avoid it, and in case of illness - as soon as possible to recover. New tasty and useful product SAMBUKOL® Immuno Forte * can help cope with a cold.

Sambukol® Immuno Forte with Vitamin C + Zinc - Natural anti-cold complex, which consists of three components:

  • black elderberry extract has anti-inflammatory and antiviral effect, contains a complex AntiVirin®, which prevents the penetration of viruses into cells and protects healthy cells;
  • Vitamin C  stimulates the synthesis of interferon and has an immunity modulatory effect;
  • Zinc - improves immunity mediators level and activates the protective properties of the blood 

For reproduction and further "attack" viruses need to get inside the cells of the mucosa. For this purpose, the haemagglutinin exists on the surface of the virus, which "dissolves" cell envelope. AntiVirin is a substance isolated from the extract of black elderberry fruit and it helps to neutralize the viral hemagglutinin and prevents the penetration of the virus into cells.

Due to these properties, Sambukol® Immuno Forte enhances immunity for colds. Sambukol® Immuno Forte is recommended for adults and children over 6 years for the prevention and relief of symptoms for acute respiratory disease, SARS, as it:

  • protect the cell from virus penetration to aggravate the disease (the action of the complex AntiVirin®)  for enhancing the recovery and prevention of complications;
  • relieves symptoms of acute respiratory infections due to anti-inflammatory effects of black elderberry and immunity modulatory and antioxidant effects of vitamin C and zinc;
  • is delicious berry syrup: both children and adults like it;
  • may be taken not only in the traditional way - from the spoon, but also added to the tea (not boiling water!) or to water;
  • does not cause drowsiness (as opposed to anti-cold teas with antihistamines components). 

Sambukol® Immuno Forte:

  • a popular remedy for colds in the USA, UK, EU, Israel, Turkey, Australia;
  • Sambukolâ formula was developed in 1990 by an Israel scientist virologist Madeleine Mumcuoglu;
  • Sambukolâ is represented by various dosage forms in the world.

Sambukol® Immuno Forte is NOVELTY AND EXCLUSIVE in Ukraine. It is a new, original, anti-cold remedy.

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Sambukol® Immuno Forte is natural anti-cold complex based on black elderberry extract

* Advertising: not a medical product. Before using, read the instructions and consult a physician. 

Keep out of the reach of children.

Self-medication can be harmful to your health


Natural cough complex on the basis of black elderberry extract 

Pharmaceutical form: 
liquid 120 ml

Formulation, per 5 ml of liquid:
active ingredients: black elderberry extract – 1,9 g, vitamin С – 55 mg, zinc – 1,00 mg;
excipients: citric acid monohydrate – 20 mg, potassium sorbate – 10 mg, glucose liquid– 3,61 g, 
raspberry flavour- 50 mg, purified water.

Pharmacotherapeutic group: food supplement. The conclusion of the state sanitary-epidemiological expertise № 05.03.02-03/5009 dated 05.02.2013.

Indications: promote the immunity increasing during seasonal colds.

Contraindications: not recommended for children under 6 years. Do not exceed the recommended dose. Pregnancy, lactation. 

Side effects: not known.

Interaction: not known.

Overdose: not known.

Manufacturer: NextPharma SАS, Limay, France under license for PharmaCare Europ Ltd., West Sussex RH13 5PX, Great Britain.

Recommendations on storage: store in a dry place below 250 С, out of reach of children. 

Shelf life: 3 year.

Category of product dispensing: without a prescription. It is not a medicinal product.

Black elderberry extract – has anti-inflammatory and antiviral effect, contains AntiVirin®, which prevents the penetration of viruses into cells and protects healthy cells. 

  • Vitamin С – stimulates the synthesis of interferon and has immunomodulating activity. 
  • Zinc – promote the increasing of immunomediator level and activates the protective properties of blood cells. 

Complex AntiVirinâ 

For reproduction and further "attacks" the virus must get inside the cells of the mucous membrane. To do this, on the surface of the virus is the hemagglutinin, which "dissolves" cell membrane.

AntiVirinâ - the substance extracted from the fruit extract of black elderberry, helps to neutralize the viral hemagglutinin and prevents the penetration of the virus into cells.  

Clinical researches:

  1. V.Barak, T.Halperin, I.Kalickman. The Effect of Sambucol , a black elderberry-based , natural product, on the production of human cytokines: I. Inflammatory cytokines. 2001.
  2. ZICHRiA ZAKAY-RONES. Inhibition of Several Strains of Influenza Vffus in Vitro and Reduction of Symptoms by an Elderberry Extract( Sambucunsig raL.) during an Outbreak of Influ enza B Panama. 1995.
  3. ZICHRiA ZAKAY-RONES. Randomized Study of the Efficacy and Safety of Oral Elderberry Extract in the Treatment of Influenza A and B Virus Infections. 2004. 

Sambukol® Immuno Forte recommended for use for adults and children 6 years old with symptoms of ARD, ARVI, because it: 

  • prevents the penetration of the virus into the cell and exacerbates the disease (complex AntiVirin ®) - for faster recovery and prevention of complications;
  • relieves the symptoms of ARD, thanks to the anti-inflammatory effect of elderberry and immune modulating and anti-oxidant effects of vitamin C and zinc;
  • delicious berry syrup: like children and adults;
  • can be taken not only in the traditional way - from the spoon, but also be added to tea (not boiling!) or water;
  • does not cause drowsiness (unlike anti-cold teas with antihistamine components);

Sambukol® Immuno Forte - NEW AND EXCLUSIVE in Ukraine! This is a new, original cough remedy! 

Sambukol® Immuno Forte:

  • popular remedy for colds in the USA, UK, EU, Israel, Turkey, Australia; 
  • formula Sambukolâ is developed in 1990, by Israeli scientist virologist Madeleine Massugu;
  • Sambukolâ presents in the world by variety of dosage forms

Adults - 10 ml (2 teaspoons); children from 6 till 12 years - 5 ml (1 teaspoon).

For winter use: adults - 10 ml (2 teaspoons) four times daily; children from 6 till 12 years - 10 ml (2 teaspoons) twice daily.

Method of administration:

  • swallow from a spoon; 
  • mix with hot water (not boiling water!) and honey, making "tea";
  • mix with carbonated water and drink as a refreshing drink.

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